Ideas Alfresco’s

Skylights are now a modern alternative in Alfresco areas letting the natural light in without the...

Ideas Bathrooms

Your bathroom can be just as welcoming with a Skylight.  It offers natural light and permanent...

Ideas Bedrooms

Wake up with the sun shining with the comfort of natural light.  Can you imagine lying in bed...

Commercial Spaces
Ideas Commercial Spaces

There are often rooms in Commercial Buildings that cannot have windows, so roof windows are the...

Ideas Hallways

For homes and workplaces that have dark hallways a Skylight or Smart Tube is a good choice to open up...

Ideas Kitchens

Skylights are now a modern alternative in Alfresco areas letting the natural light in without the...

Living Rooms
Ideas Living Rooms

A Skylight in the living room will always bring family and friends together whether it be a...

Ideas Offices

Skylights are perfect for every office, whether it be for natural light or ventilation.

Retail Space
Ideas Retail Space

Skylights are the perfect way of welcoming customers into your shop.  With many retail spaces...

Our Services & Products

Glass Skylights

Whether you are building a new home, renovating a kitchen, bathroom or any room in your home, Glass Skylights will welcome natural light into your home and improve your life. Glass Skylights offer advantages by keeping your house cooler in summer and warmer in winter. You can choose different variants of glass e.g. clear, white translucent, tinted or E Vantage plus (low emission glass) which are heat and UV resistant with tinted insulation. Glass Skylights meet bushfires codes and regulations.

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Velux Skylights

We supply and install the complete Velux range and are accredited installers of all their products. We can supply and install Velux Skylights to suit your needs. Fixed and Openable Skylights are available in various models and sizes with blinds that are purposely made for each specific window and are easily attached. Natural light is fundamental for the quality of our lives and living environments. Daylight creates a positive atmosphere and alters the way we feel about our living spaces. Its many moods and variations can make a house feel like a real home.” – Velux

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Custom Skylights

Let St George Skylights show you how a Custom Skylight can create your own natural clean and absolutely free light, enhancing even the darkest room to create the feeling of space. With a quick quote we can show you the best way to light up your home with the clean, fresh comfort of natural light. St George Skylights custom make Skylights to suit your individual needs and has been installing Skylights for over 30 years. Our Skylights are measured by a tradesman, made in our factory and installed by one of our experienced tradesmen. All flashings are custom made to suit each Skylight and are made for all roof types. All Custom made Skylights are made to strict building codes and high standards.

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Traditional Dome Skylights

Traditional Dome Skylights are an excellent way to bring the natural light of the sun into a room. Sunlight can stimulate productivity and provide a cost effective solution to the ever growing electricity demand. St George Skylights are attractive, affordable, quality products that are guaranteed to improve your home. Read More

Broan Solar Roof Ventilator

Broan Solar Powered Roof Ventilators are perfect for any home. They extract the hot air that accumulates in our roof or room space and are equivalent to 10 (ten) wind driven whirly birds. Learn More

Smart Tubes

Smart tubes are a cost effective way of gaining maximum natural light into any room. We have two standard sizes of Smart Tubes available,Find Out More

Roof Access Hatches

Our Roof Access Hatches are custom made in our factory. They are perfect for commercial buildings such as factories and warehouses where getting up on the roof can be difficult for maintenance because of the height of the roof. Read More

Attic Ladders

An Attic Ladder is a smart way of gaining easy access to ceiling space in the roof, perfect for extra storage in the roof space. We supply and install Bailey Ladders range of Attic Ladders to meet your individual need. Read More

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St George Skylights have been designing and installing Skylights to suite the Australian climate and condition for over 30 years

    We Offer:
  • High Quality Products

  • Professional Installation services

  • no obligation free quotes and advice

St George Skylights pride ourselves on quality.

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Our Showroom at Peakhurst has a wide range of our Products on show as well as a wide range of Velux products. One of our friendly staff will be able to assist you with any questions or queries you may have and will help you make the right choice for your home. We are a proudly owed Australian Company and all products used are Australian made using Australian products and meet strict building codes.

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Skylights make saving energy a breeze. Not only will they help you save on heating and cooling,...

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A skylight opens up a room and floods it with natural sunlight, creating a more pleasing and welcoming space.
Skylights are an eco-friendly and cost effective lighting solution, reducing the need for artificial alternatives and lowering your power bill.
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Choose from our beautiful range of quality skylights and flood your home or business with energising, clean and natural light!

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